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I'm Christophe Rodrigues, I like sports and travel

Christophe Rodrigues

"Give you the way to achieve your dreams"

Hello, my name is Christophe Rodrigues. I'm twenty-three years old. I’m French and Portuguese.

I live in Paris. I’m a student at European Business School in second year. I'm looking a student part time job in sales.

Christophe Rodrigues

My interests:

I’m passionate about football, I support two teams, the Fc Porto and the Real Madrid. I have a lot of jerseys of this teams.

I like to watch soccer matches and practice it, I practice fitness too to stay in shape. I’m very passionate about sports.

I like playing video games, going out with my friends and watching movies.

I’m open minded, very generous and creative and I use these skills in various disciplines for example working in team.

I like languages, I speak French, English, Spanish and Portuguese, I will learning the base of Chinese because in September

I'm going to study in Shanghai for four months. I’m interested in finance because I’m comfortable with numbers, but I like marketing too.

Doing team projects and creating a new product is very exciting. I think in my future I will do finance or marketing.

Christophe Rodrigues

Why in Sales ?

This summer I did my first experience in sales and I like this because we do a lot of things. For example, we advised the customers

for his choice, we reorganize the shelves of the shop. I like to do this because I’m someone who is always moving.

My travel in San Francisco

I came to San Francisco because I never went out of Europe and this is an opportunity for me to discover a new culture.

I set goals to achieve during this visit for example improve my English, visit Los Angeles and learn about coding.

I enjoy because I learn how to create a website, this is very important for the future. I can’t go to Los Angeles,

we don’t have time and it’s expensive maybe another time and about my English I think I improved a bit.

In the first few days I was afraid because I did some mistakes about vocabulary and pronunciation.

But I learnt English are not like French, they are more cool.

What I like in this country is people that are joyful and open minded not the same in France, they sulk all day.

Christophe Rodrigues Christophe Rodrigues Christophe Rodrigues Christophe Rodrigues